Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lou Douros- Freepath Software

I really, really like Freepath. I can see immediately going to my music teacher and principal and getting all of their stuff on Freepath. It would make life so much easier. Of course my music teacher is going to have to wait for the mac version.

I appreciate the emphasis on the free software. Sometimes all you know is the expensive software, but you neglect to look for the open source software. It's probably because it takes so much time to sort through it all.

One of the more expensive software items I am looking at is MathWhiz, which is an adaptive math tutor with fun social implications but no e-mail or messaging. It is awesome, but for a school of 400 it would be around $16000. That's what I am looking for right now, a math test kids can take before OAKS so that we can see strand data at the beginning of the school year, and kids can do activities based on the strand data.

I need to do more research.